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Dear all!
Are we coming to the end of a very long Covid Tunnel? Time will tell, but I'm sure our churches will be making careful decisions about moving forward whilst cherishing what we have learned in these hard times. Many churches will find a way of having mixed mode worship - keeping live streaming going whilst welcoming people into their buildings without such limitations as there have been. In our decision making we need to be aware of all sensitivities, but ultimately seek God's hand in our decision making and moving on. Some things we will never find the right time to return to, and we might need 'the fleece of Gideon' as we ask God if now is the time for change. God bless and guide us all as we enter this new phase. 

Revd. Austin Janes
Team Vicar of The Church of the Resurrection
Grovehill and Woodhall Farm
Hemel Hempstead
01442 270585

Revd Austin – Chair of Churches Together in Hemel


Revd Austin Janes

Chair of CTHH

Covid Lockdown Provisions in Hemel


Slowly a list of services are coming in see them here

The purpose of Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead 
In 2012 representatives of member organisations met to refresh our vision
We agreed our purpose was to:

  • Provide a common voice for member churches when engaging with the wider community including the Borough Council and other statutory authorities.
  • Facilitate communication between member churches and between churches and the wider community.
  • Encourage partnership work between the churches, and churches with the wider community; this includes helping to identify activity that is done better together than separately and encouraging and assisting the delivery of that activity; it also includes shared worship and learning opportunities.
  • Support each member church at the heart of community proclaiming by its words and demonstrating by its deeds the love of God.

Churches Together in Hemel is made up of representatives from most of the churches in Hemel Hempstead. For more info on the church please look under Find a Church. Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead (CTHH) is a network of churches within Hemel Hempstead. CTHH has an agreed vision and purpose. In the wider circle CTHH is a part of Churches Together in Hertfordshire. For more information on Churches Together in Herts please see their website.

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